ACOPM 3 Part Neuropathy Specialty Board Certification

*Rolling Admissions, you can enroll anytime and go at your own pace!

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Part A. 10 Week Core Virtual Classroom with on-line proficiency testing. With John Hayes, DC, MS, DABCO and ACOPM Faculty

You must complete  the 22 week virtual classroom sessions before taking the Board Exam which is held annually in March and November in Boston.

You should allow a minimum of 4 hours each week for Study and Assignments.

1.   A Modern understanding of Peripheral Neuropathy- The detailed cellular and electro-physiology, molecular and cellular pathophysiology of organelle dysfunction.

2.   Differential diagnosis I – Peripheral Neuropathy, known and proposed Etiologies and Differential Considerations such as MS, Mechanical, Viral, Entrapment, etc.

3.   Differential Diagnosis II – How to determine the most likely etiology of your patients neuropathy VS MS, Mechanical, Viral, Entrapment PLUS how to effectively manage each subset conservatively first.

4.   Best practices for using electrical stimulation, applied physical therapy and accompanying modalities.

5.   Symbiotic nutritional support: Biochemistry of Key Components in PN & Dietary Management, Supplement considerations and contraindications.

6.   Identifying and avoiding likely ineffective treatments and unnecessary diagnostics in the outpatient setting.

7.   How to measure and manage inflammation issues relative to neuropathic symptoms and pain.

8.   How to introduce and implement new technology successfully with your office staff- blueprints for implementation.

9.   Proper documentation, pre and post treatment charting and clinical progress notes that support record keeping requirements.

10. Expanding Your Reach: Partnering effectively with your local medical community.

Part B. 12 Week Clinical PN Practice Virtual Classroom with on-line proficiency testing. With John Hayes, DC, MS, DABCO and ACOPM Faculty

Hour 1: Intro To The Course & Medical definitions of peripheral neuropathies

Hour 2: Most common symptoms and variations of symptoms

Hour 3: Common causes and proposed etiologies

Hour 4: Typically unsuccessful treatments

Hour 5: Sham and ineffective treatments

Hour 6: Treatment modalities: how to select what’s best

Hour 7: Biological issues with PN and why a multi-modal plan can help

Hour 8: Common misperceptions about managing PN

Hour 9: How to possibly prevent PN

Hour 10: Emerging technologies Backed By Promising Research and Case Studies

Hour 11: Neuropathy Therapy- Current Trends

Hour 12: Best Practices Marketing To and Accepting PN sufferers as patients


Part C. 2 Hour Board Exam Written and practical sections administered in Boston March and November


*Recertification an ACOPM requirement every 36 months with 10 annual ACOPM neuropathy approved hours.