NeuropathyDR Clinic Days

NeuropathyDR Clinic Days

Our NeuropathyDR(R) Group NeuropathyDR Clinic Days are limited to not more than 18 participants.

We begin with a Friday Night Closed Doors Goal Setting and Mastermind Session from 5-7 PM. We’ll enjoy all meals together and share our experiences and strategies.

Past Clinicians Day Trainings tells us that these sessions are often the missing link that often helps launch our clients move on to bigger and better things.
Then, Saturday, after an 8:00 AM Breakfast, we’ll give you hands-on chance to experience and refine the clinical applications of the ND System, plus work together on key operational and administrative sections of YOUR practice.


  • One by one, we’ll help each participant stream line, blue-print their NeuropathyDR Treatment Center! We’ll have hands on equipment and clinical training too.
    I’ll also share with you the scripts, tools and systems that are simple ways to expand your practice as the powerful clinician you can be!
  • Then our team and I will show you exactly how to customize them for your unique circumstances and next implement them to refine and de-stress your dream practice.

We’ll end not later than 5PM Saturday, so you can see the City or catch an early trip home if you like. Seating is VERY LIMITED and first Come!

Welcome to the Hilton Boston Logan Airport, the First Guests Choice in Boston!

Welcome to the Hilton Boston Logan Airport, the #1 Guest Location at Boston Logan Airport.