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I have utilized the NeuropathyDR® protocol for the past 3 months in our clinic

I can absolutely report that everything that Dr. Hayes stated would and can happen when you integrate this program has happened!!! Cash payments for the ReBuilder device after 1 use. Family members calling to pay for co-pays for NeuropathyDR Treatments after two uses. Family emailing with thanks following the first use.
Another Patient had loss of sensation on his contralateral leg for 7 yrs obtained increased sensation after one treatment….. 4 patients have avoided fusion surgeries that were told there was no other option.

~Jeremiah Jorgensen, PT, Lincoln NE


I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the NeuropathyDR® program. It works very, very well. It is very effective.

I have one patient that has been coming to me for 23 years and I didn’t expect him to benefit from it, since he always says that nothing works (even though he keeps coming back) yet he did get relief from the neuropathy treatments. Patients seem to love it and are getting amazing results. Most see a difference after 6 or so visits. I even have other local docs finding me on line and asking about it. I tell them you need Dr. Hayes program to do it right. It works.

~Dr. Nick Brown, Albany, OR


I have experienced wonderful success with the NeuropathyDR® program. Both patient results and backup training are exceptional. The marketing is very effective and is bringing in patients that I would not normally see in my office such as post chemotherapy and diabetic patients.

~Dr. Ren Halverson, Brunswick, GA


We have been using the Peripheral Neuropathy protocol in our office for approximately six months with successful results. Our patients have responded well, and have had reduced pain in as little as 1-2 visits. We use a combined program of nutrition, exercise rehab, manual spinal therapies and electrotherapy. I would highly recommend the NeuropathyDRR program to other doctors.

~Dr. Gary Blabey, Vienna, VA


I have am now treating my 3rd neuropathy patient with Dr. Hayes’ protocols with nutritional therapies, chiropractic and other manual therapies. My first patient had burning pain in her feet every night and had to take heavy medications to sleep. She was on 3 different medications and her condition was worsening. She completed the protocols and the pain was reduced to a numbness she could handle, she was off one of the medications and was weaning off the others and went on to continue her treatments at home. She reports she went for follow-up neurological tests with her neurologist and was told that she couldn’t have neuropathy because her nerves were working.

My second patient is nearing the end of his clinical trial. He has had neuropathy for many years. The pain on the bottom of his feet that “felt like sandpaper” has cleared and the numbness on top of his feet is starting to come and go.

It is exciting and hopeful seeing that the results Dr. Hayes has been getting with his patients is holding true for the people seeing me.

~Dr. Ellen Blomerth, Peabody, MA


I am so excited! I have been treating a 43 y/o female for 10 sessions with traditional therapies. She was not getting the relief I was hoping for, so I decided to try the NeuropathyDR System on her.  She has had only 2 15 minute sessions and she can sit down. Before the pain was unbearable, even light touch was unbearable. Now she can sit and I can continue to work on her.

~Diana Singer PT, Paramus, NJ


I have a patient who has had many conditions (craniotomy, carpel tunnel, even went out of the country for some stem cell treatment). He has been treating for about 5 weeks under my care on the NeuropathyDR® protocol and wanted to go back to see his neurologist to have another nerve conductive study done. This particular neurologist doesn’t particularly approve of what chiropractors can do, but agreed to retest his patient. He told this patient that he could not believe the progress he had made. There was a significant improvement in his results.

This patient is just another reason why I feel that the combination protocol of NeuropathyDR® is the best for helping patients with neuropathy.

~Dr. Richard Merritt, Lakeland, Fl.


I have experienced wonderful success with the NeuropathyDR® program. Both patient results and backup training are exceptional. The marketing is very effective and is bringing in patients that I would not normally see in my office such as post chemotherapy and diabetic patients.

~Dr. Ren Halverson, Brunswick, GA



“The results I have experienced with the NeuropathyDR® program have been incredible!I had looked at the other stuff out there too. I’m very glad I became YOUR client! I’ve never seen anything like your marketing. It educates and draws in largely
pre-qualified patients. And as you state, they are so grateful for help.

The ND Treatment Protocol you have designed gets these patients on the road back to a far better quality of life. BONUS: The income potential is even greater than I imagined! Thank You for all your help.”

~Matt Goda, DC, Antigo, WI


I am so excited; I have been treating a 43 y/o female for 10 sessions with traditional therapies. She was not getting the relief I was hoping for, so I decided to try the ND Protocol on her. I attached to her S1 sacral root on the left side of her hip. She has had only 2 15 minute sessions and she can sit down. Before the pain was unbearable, even light touch was unbearable. Now she can sit and I can poke around and continue to work on her.

~Diana Singer PT, Paramus, NJ

1 year ago my office was in the middle of what could be called nothing else but a “meltdown”. My office manager of 12 years had retired and we had hired a person who not only couldn’t get along with my staff but also cost me tens of thousands of dollars due to incorrect billing mistakes….at the time I was considering closing the office. I was referred to Dr. Hayes and the Perfect Practice just in time! He encouraged me to stick it out and showed me systems that not only smoothed out my staffing problems but quickly put in place a turn key system that has increased our profits and more than anything else, lowered my overall stress in practice.

Thanks John! ~ Dr. Eric, Massachusetts


Thank you Dr. Hayes! The “No hassle, No hustle” policy of Perfect Practice is one of the reasons I joined 9 months ago. I finally found a consultant who speaks my language without the “High Pressure” of other coaches. Through Perfect Practice, I have streamlined my initial exam and created a “Wow” factor in my office, which has greatly increased my referrals. I still have a ways to go to be where I want to be, but I am well on my way with the sound strategies that I get from Dr. Hayes.

~Dr. James Kolwaite NY


I knew Dr. Hayes would help my practice grow, reduce the headaches of running an office, and make the office more profitable.What surprised me was how much better my life has become since I began following Dr. Hayes’ advice. I now enjoy a rewarding and less stressful life outside of the office! Call me at (702) 243-2225 and I will give you more information!

~Dr. Van Whaley, Las Vegas, NV.


John has always been direct and candid, to the point even before Perfect Practice Web. I always get some insight/light bulb/”Ah ha” moments when listening to whatever program is presented.

~Dr Al Kalter, Braintree, Massachussetts


When I first spoke with Dr. John Hayes, I believe he was on vacation in Nantucket but was kind enough to answer his cell phone and answer my questions about Perfect Practice Web and whether it would be a good fit for me and my practice.  The modern style of consulting, including internet based forums, teleseminars, emailing and live coaching allowed me to incorporate his proven system into my busy professional and personal life without having to commit endless weekends to seminars in some far away city.  Since incorporating Dr. Hayes” protocols, I have refined my practice and seen my collections grow by close to 20%, all while we are in what many consider a struggling economy.  I highly recommend Perfect Practice Web as a practice consulting option for anyone looking to increase their collections and work smarter, not harder in this ever increasingly demanding economy.

~Akiba Green, D.C. North Carolina


“Having consulted with Dr. Hayes at least once a week for the past five plus years, I can tell you that his procedures and ideas can help you create the practice and the life that you seek. I am proof that his consulting is powerful. Utilizing many of the approaches that he will share with you, I was able to achieve financial independence and retire from practice at age fifty four! The last five years that I was in practice I only worked 22 hours a week, taking Fridays off, and I enjoyed six weeks a year of vacation.

If you are tired of having your practice run your life and want to get back in control, then he has a ton of practical tools and knowledge that will put your life and practice back on track. He has an amazing grasp on ways to simplify the complexities of practice. His effective use of technology alone is worth the price of admission. His unique methods of staffing his office will save you money, time, and frustration.

He has a strong desire to help other chiropractors decrease their stress and increase their happiness. He has assembled a team of experts to help you create the practice of your dreams. Best of all his ethics are impeccable and you can use any and all of his information and techniques without compromising yourself. I highly recommend that you take one of his teleseminars so that you can regain control of your practice and your life.

~Dr. Jim Carroll


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. John Hayes for many years. Over that time I have been consistently amazed at not just the clinical acumen he developed, but at the super efficient and easy office management systems he has developed. He practices, as do I, in a comprehensive family practice which draws many types of patients and corresponding payment plans. His use of note systems coupled with the office flow really makes even the more complicated practices easy to manage. Dr. Hayes has been able to take more time off, with more balance in his life, while running a highly successful practice, (emotionally satisfying and profitable) than anyone I have known in 25 years. He is innovative and highly practical in solving office management and system problems. He has a very strong focus on getting results. In my consultations with him, I have experienced quantum leaps, not just in performance, but in the business applications that have propelled me into a truly profitable and less stress filled practice.”

~Michael H. Rogers, D.C.


“A down to earth, simplistic, effective and clean seminar. I am able to implement this information tomorrow and to plan for next year. There was no fluff or hurrahs, just NO BULL! Just the facts.”

~James Orphan, D.C.


I thought it was me up front talking! Dr. Hayes has a practice philosophy that is identical to my own. It is encouraging to know I am not the only one out there. Keep up the good work.”

~Curt Loeffler, D.C., Hemet, CA


Awesome yearly calendar. It was original, intriguing, fun and non-stop excitement. Thanks!

~Omid Rahaman, Simi, CA


“You presented solid, success-building principles. Thank you for giving us your time!”

~Sharon DeWolf, D.C., Redwood, WA


“Very informative-a fresh outlook on the Report of Findings. New strategies, a plethora of marketing ideas, and wonderful reactivation program. We are excited about implementing your ideas as early as Monday morning, and look forward to continued success!

~Dr. Howard & Staff, Pleasanton, CA


“Dr. Hayes’ seminar has helped me shape up certain procedures in my practice. His system and principles are strictly designed to show me how to not only have more time and leisure for myself but how to have the Perfect Practice.

~George Kreger, D.C


“Why would you pay another consultant thousands of dollars, plus travel expenses, for you and your staff, lose income being out of your office or quality time with your family (weekends, vacations, etc) when you can have all the Practice Building information through Perfect Practice Web at an affordable rate and no hidden expenses with all the support to create the life and practice of your dreams now!

~Rick Danubio, D.C., Peabody, MA


“Excellent Practical Seminar”~

~Art Malkin, DC Torrance, CA


“Very good programming, I like the idea of different viewpoints.”

~Erwin Lesman DC ,Bellflower, CA


“I truly enjoyed the entire weekend. The information was right on. The problems of practice were addressed head on and with minimal stress. Small changes can be made to really improve practice and life. There is a simplicity and a truth to what you present that I really appreciated. I truly believe the next 12 months are going to produce more than the last 12 years.”

~John Beneski, DC, Boston, MA


If only I had done this 10 years ago. When you graduate from Chiropractic School you really have no idea how or where to begin when it comes to opening up your own practice. With Perfect Practice Web the first and most important thing I did was go back to the beginning with Core Module 1 “The End in Mind”.  Every student should do this before opening up a practice. You need to know where you are going in order to get there.  They say we plan more for our vacations than we do for life! I started out with “The End in Mind” and now have a direction to go in.With all the materials that are available, I was able to make a list of the topics to keep on hand, so each time I needed to take a step forward I knew where to look. I knew I needed systems in place and people who could run those systems, not let the systems run me. Perfect Practice Web has the systems and I have the plan to implement them and now the resources to assist me. Being a chiropractor is the best profession out there.  What we can do for others and how we can help them is not limited to “back pain”.

~Dr. William Reed, Punxsutawney, PA


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