The Done-For-You NeuropathyDR
Market Domination System

…can provide you with your Primary Practice Website and multiple daily postings to your FB, Twitter and other accounts daily! This combined with the power of the largest neuropathy and chronic pain patient social media presence since 2007  is  powerful,  Done-For-You marketing tool-kit at your fingertips, all included in your licensing fees.

If you’ve been following my lead, you already know what a powerful international marketing system that NeuropathyDR has already created.

Now, you can help DOMINATE your local area and on-line marketing efforts helping to firmly plant you as the go-to NeuropathyDR Clinician!

I’ll even do the hosting on state of the art Super-Fast Intel Servers, URL maintenance as well as site back-ups, ALL included in your monthly licensing and support membership.

As a NeuropathyDR Member You’ll Have Everything You Need To Be The Go-To Practice for Peripheral Neuropathy!

You can also get a fully personalized, completely hosted and mobile optimized website which is professionally written and edited by my team of experts and uploaded to the web.

All this content, highlighting you as the local NeuropathyDR clinician is then distributed across the web distributed by our team of writers. You as a NeuropathyDR clinician now have an incredible opportunity to capitalize on all our resources out there on the web.

You can now easily bring more local patients to you than ever before with the very unique URL we’ll research and help you choose and the incredible power of  web-site back linking we’ll give you too!

Besides good solid internet marketing, any patient of yours who opts in at your own website will automatically be educated and updated on the latest NeuropathyDR advances and then contacted by email, phone and even US mail (if they ask) and you’ll be copied on all opt-ins!

*I’ll even deliver for you weekly the  full-color 2 Times Weekly “E-zine”-(online magazine) to as many of your patients as you want, absolutely FREE! This service alone doubles the value of this offer!!!!

What could be easier?

Look. To do all this on your own would require your own team of writers, artists, web team and payroll, over-site, registrations, back-ups, etc. Not to mention the extreme time and cost of creating consistent, high quality content.

*It could easily cost you $15,500 or more to build this system, and $5,000 a month to maintain all these components.

But I’ve already done it for you!

I hope you see the immense value in this program and get yourself enrolled ASAP!

Congratulations on stepping up to the pinnacle of private specialty practice marketing!