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Make no mistake about it. The world is changing rapidly and patients are clamoring for real Integrated Private Practices as the system so often lets them down.

Over one-fourth, the population suffers from chronic pain and many, many more are ill with nowhere left to turn.

Enter you.

The licensed owner who wants not only more for their patients, but more satisfaction, income, and reward in an Integrated, High Self-Pay Private Practice.

The new skill sets, testing and treatment protocols including done for your web and social media services, trademarked equipment and product lines combined with business systems that let you provide truly effective care for many suffering from Chronic Illnesses and Pain.

We’ll  coach you in the construction of an integrated low stress high cash-flow private practice providing solutions private pay patients are clamoring for!

You’ll also have memberships level access to the multitude of proven effective marketing tools to bring these patients needing our integrated specialty care systems and products to your practice.

If Your Application Is Accepted, You’ll be backed by an international brand with worldwide patient followers growing by the hundreds every day on multiple websites, extensive social media, best-selling books, podcasts,
video and so much more.

Officer Level Licensing includes everything you need to get started: all the clinical programs, setup, training and marketing plans, display ads, radio ads and more! You’ll be personally hand trained by the world’s leading Clinicians in Neuropathy, Chronic Pain, and Illness Specialty Practice!

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  • Neuropathy and Chronic Pain Tx Center Specialty License Including Practice Development web, video & webinar training.
  • Customizable Posters, Brochures & Newsletters for Marketing & Workshops
  • Protocols, Product Line and Licensed ND Trademarked products and equipment at wholesale discounts.
  • Clinician and Staff On-Line 24/7 Training and Membership Q&A Support Forums.
  • MONTHLY Clinical/Practice Expansion Trainings.
  • *BIG discounts on Advanced Pain Management Equipment and NDGen(R) Exclusive Systems & Patient Care products.


  • Your Practice’s PRIMARY Mobile Enhanced Website INCLUDING Twice Weekly Publishing & Done-For-You Social Media!
  • Patient Referral System, On-Line and Mobile App Marketing of Your Tx Center
  • Licensed Use of ND Tx Center Customizable articles, flyers, posters, brochures, signage, websites and ND Social Media Sites.

ROI Multiplies Quickly..With Just a Few New Patients…

*Want To Be The Only NeuropathyDR Clinic in Your Community – With Territory Exclusivity?

If you’re ready and qualified to take on the Peripheral Neuropathy and Specialty Pain Management needs of your whole community, you can lock out the competition with the optional NeuropathyDR Territory Exclusivity Program.

When you take out an exclusive license, no other clinician of any kind will be allowed to join NeuropathyDR within an agreed geographic area. If You Qualify, the territory will be all yours.

Don’t Delay!

Download & Return Your Application HERE: NewNDProspectiveMember