Our Coaching offers you an incredible, personalized learning experience in a specialty arena demanding excellent, and highly paid clinicians who learn first hand take misery to miracles for incredibly special and often very ill patients every day around the world!

Our team of professionals will personally work with you and systematically help you develop the executive, marketing, and clinical skills to truly be the go-to practice in your area.

No other group of health care professionals has this unique combination of academic and business training to its credit.

We’ll help take you to mastery in all aspects of treating peripheral neuropathy and related disorders of chronic illness & pain.

“I’m So Glad we Became a Licensed NeuropathyDR Treatment Center”

This includes extensive done-for-you marketing, a recognized trademarked system, and affiliated use of the bestselling book, “Beating Neuropathy”.

Our member benefits also include Done-For-You websites, a patient help desk, mobile app with twice-weekly updated patient articles, videos and podcasts shared worldwide!

In the clinic, we provide you with all the systems, licensed equipment, support products but most of all the entire system to build and expand your treatment center!

Why not find out if you qualify to join this extraordinary group?

Patti L Hayes, CEO